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    Workshops Registration Form- 2014

Please detach, enclose with a check & send to:
Eastfield Village n Box 465, Nassau, NY 12123

paypal available


Name ______________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________


Phone ____________________ Occupation ________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________

Will you be staying as our guest(s)? o Yes o No

Are you on our mailing list? o Yes o No

PLEASE NOTE: Due to ever increasing postal fees we are going to start to send the brochure out in email form to all who have emails. You will also receive the class information about 3 weeks sooner than via mail. Please send us your names and email addresses to make sure you receive the information next year. If you don’t have an email and want to continue receiving a hard copy by mail then please send us your name and current postal address.

You can forward your e-mail address to dcsapottery1@fairpoint.net Also note that the address for Eastfield has changed as well as the phone number.

Class Fee Select

1. Traditional Period Stone Masonry June 6-7 (2 Days)

Fee: $255.00  

2. Of Puddings, Cakes, Creams, Pyes, Whipt Syllabubs & c.June 6-8 (3Days)

Fee: $ 325.00

3. Period Make-Do’s and How to Reproduce Them
June 9-10 (2 Days))
Fee: $325.00

4. Early American Printing
June 13-15 (3Days)

Fee: $325.00

5. Early American Glass & Bottles
June 20-22 (3 Days)

Fee: $275.00

British & American Historical Ceramics “ Dish Camp”
June 27-29 (3 Days)

Fee: $395.00  

7. Furnishing The Historic House 1750-1850
August 1-3 (3 Days)

Fee: $375.00

Tin 1: Beginning Tinsmithing
AAugust 4-8 ( 5 Days)

Fee: 440.00

9. Under the Covers: Blankets, Coverlets, and Counterpanes

August 22-24 (3 Days)

Fee: 195.00

10. Tin 2: Advanced Tinsmithing

August 25-29 (5 Days)

Fee: 475.00


Amount Enclosed $$:  

 Please enclose a check made out to Eastfield Village and

send it to-

Eastfiled Village
P O Box 465
Nassau, NY 12123
Email dcsapottery1@fairpoint.net

(Registrants from outside of the United States are asked not to send personal checks. Please send a cashier's check or money order in U.S. funds.)

Payments may be made through PAYPAL using the Eastfield Email address.